Name Keigo Takami (鷹見啓悟 Takami Keigo)
Alias(es) Hawks; Wing Hero
Age 22
Gender male
Species (super) human
Height 5'5"
Quirk Fierce Wings
Affiliation Hero Commission; spoiler
Occupation Pro Hero; spoiler
Orientation homosexual
Marital oh hot damn, this is my jam
00. Code's mine. It's not free to use.
01. IC =/= OOC.
02. Usually distracted.
04. PM tolerant.
05. Outside contact rarely given.
06. Doesn't interact with genderbends.
07. Name isn't for trade; do NOT ask.
08. Smut is reserved for partner only.
09. Can provide image credits if asked!
10. Respect earned is respect given.
11. Current on the manga.